How SnailWorks Services The Education Marketplace With Direct Mail Tracking And Other Robust Services

Direct mail is an essential tool for many elements of education marketing, from enrollment promotions to alumni organizations, sports marketing, and development. SnailWorks Mail Tracking and Multi-Channel Campaigns are specifically designed to make that mail more effective.

SnailWorks Mail Tracking
  • Direct mail tracking lets you know when your development mail pieces are delivered so you can anticipate when donations will be received, staffing inbound telemarketing and caging operations accordingly
  • Track inbound responses before they arrive anticipate revenue and plan cash flow
  • Use SnailWorks Mail Tracking to trigger other marketing channels like email or telemarketing
  • With YourMail™ distributed reporting, automatically let your alumni chapters know when the mail is being delivered in their market. Help them prepare to follow up locally and know exactly when and how you’re supporting them
  • Control your print and mail vendors. Know when your mail is in the system

SnailWorks Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Send a coordinated email follow-up to each direct mail effort – reinforce your appeal, and boost response
  • SnailWorks landing pages can be customized to match the interests of each prospective enrollee – match gender and interest with variable images and content
  • Easily test different marketing approaches – copy, channel, pricing – and measure results on your online SnailWorks dashboard for easy direct mail tracking
  • Create a unique landing page for each effort, each version - SnailWorks’ simple page set-ups make it easy to use

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