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Accountability is the watchword for all of the political direct mail surrounding an election. Candidates and political committes want to know that every piece of their mail gets the handling it deserves - from submission to the Postal Service to delivery at the voter's door. Election officials need to know that every ballot was delivered to the voter and that every ballot coming back is accounted for.

SnailWorks Political Mail Tracking Service taps into the USPS Informed Visibility program to follow every piece, every tray, and every container of political direct mail as it travels through the postal system and provides intuitive, powerful reports to keep the mailer in control.

For political mail concerns, this means better timing of campaign mailings and better coordination with your teams on the ground. For election officials, this means compelete visibility of all of your election mail, including ballots, with reporting to you and directly to the voter - all securely and systematically.

  • Coordination directly with your mailer to manage barcodes and USPS details
  • Step-by-step guidance from set up through reporting
  • Intutive web-based reports
  • Securely share tracking data with individual voters

Our white-labeled, easy-to-use system lets you and your customers navigate reports with almost no prior training and supports USPS Informed Visibility. Flexible and agile, we support a variety of Mailer ID uses. Get real-time results - really easily on your political direct mail campaigns.

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"We use SnailWorks because of its ability to manage our multichannel projects. Our previous software required us to use a lot of resources. SnailWorks makes the entire process a lot easier—it does the work for us."

Managing Partner
Direct Marketing Company

"I use SnailWorks to reach new patrons and stay engaged with current ones. I have integrated my postal mailings with emails, Facebook and Twitter postings to increase ticket sales over the past two years."

Owner/Marketing Director
Theater Company

"Our direct-to-consumer clients have to hit in-home delivery dates to be successful — we track every piece of mail using SnailWorks Mail Tracking services to help them anticipate sales volume, store traffic and campaign effectiveness as the mail arrives."

Direct Marketing Company

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