How SnailWorks Serves The Association Market By Aiding In Postal Service Tracking

Associations rely on direct mail to stay in touch with their members, acquire new members, and renew memberships, as well as promoting conferences and so much more. SnailWorks is your association’s perfect partner in doing all of these things more effectively. With robust solutions for postal service tracking and other direct mail solutions, you’re able to reach more people using SnailWorks.

SnailWorks Mail Tracking
  • Postal Service Tracking: Know when your mail pieces are delivered to each member so you can make sure you are reaching them, and follow up where needed
  • Track inbound payments and suppress further renewal invoicing
  • Use SnailWorks Mail Tracking to trigger other marketing channels like email or telemarketing
  • With YourMail™ distributed reporting, automatically let your chapters know when the mail is being delivered in their market. Help them prepare to follow up locally and know exactly when and how you’re supporting them
  • Control your print and mail vendors. Know when your mail is in the system

SnailWorks Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Send a coordinated email follow-up to each renewal effort – boost response and get payment earlier in the renewal cycle
  • Let SnailWorks create an online renewal form that allows your members to renew directly and easily online – boost renewal rates, simplify your process
  • Easily test different marketing approaches – copy, channel, pricing – and measure results on your online SnailWorks dashboard
  • Create a unique landing page for each event – webinar and conference –enhancing speed and ease to respond online

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