Snailworks - Mail Tracking, Visibility & Delivery

The Works Behind the Snail

Making Snail Mail Work Harder

Mail still delivers – but it’s just not enough anymore. Today’s direct marketers don’t just send “a mailing” – they create campaigns. Landing pages, PURLs, QR codes and more – they’re all integral parts of the direct marketing process.

SnailWorks™ is an integrated direct marketing platform designed to tie a whole spectrum of marketing channels together in a single system. Designed by the same team that made mail tracking easy in 2000, our expertise in mail tracking and web-based interfaces is at the heart of a solution that allows direct marketers to increase the effectiveness of direct mail through coordinated channels.

SnailWorks boosts direct mail response through coordinated emails;

SnailWorks makes the buyer/donor experience seamless and easy getting better results with the same resources;

SnailWorks builds and hosts web landing pages that make it easy to buy or give;

SnailWorks manages all of the critical links that tie together multi-channel marketing campaigns – PURLs, QR codes, Intelligent Mail, automated replies, confirmations and more;

SnailWorks provides simple powerful success reporting that help marketers measure, refine, and enhance their direct marketing.

Best of all, with SnailWorks world-class multi-channel tools are easy to use and master. Become a multi-channel marketer TODAY with SnailWorks.