Snailworks - Mail Tracking, Visibility & Delivery


How SnailWorks serves the retail market

From household name national brands to local chains to individual locations, direct mail and direct marketing remains an essential component. SnailWorks Mail Tracking and SnailWorks Multi-Channel Campaigns serve all of these segments.

SnailWorks Mail Tracking

  • Control your print and mail vendors. Know when your mail is in the system
  • Staff locations correctly based on delivery – don’t overstaff when the mail is late – don’t understaff when it’s early – you will be in control
  • Keep your high-cost inventory in the right location – where the marketing is delivering
  • With YourMail™ distributed reporting, automatically let your branches and franchisees know when the mail is being delivered in their market. Help them prepare for traffic and know exactly when and how you’re supporting them.
  • Determine precisely what day/date of delivery generates the best response, and build future mailings to hit that date

SnailWorks Multi-Channel Campaigns

  • Reinforce postal mail advertising with a coordinated email for customer lists
  • Create a personalized landing page for each offer with a unique coupon
  • Add personalized QR codes to mail pieces that will can provide access for both customers directly through their mobile device and at the POS
  • Gather email addresses and/or phone numbers from a campaign related landing page