Snailworks - Mail Tracking, Visibility & Delivery

Triggered Emails

Your messages get through better when they work together

With SnailWorks you can do so much more than direct mail. SnailWorks Mail Tracking identifies when each piece of mail is delivered and it can trigger an email or other marketing effort as a follow-up message. It can take weeks for mail to deliver - don't drop all your email at once when SnailWorks can coordinate it precisely with the delivery of each piece of direct mail.

And that's just the beginning. Direct mail is just one of the possible trigger points - you determine the campaign strategy that works for you, and SnailWorks puts it together. You can begin triggering with email as the starting point — when a prospect opens it or clicks on a link, that can trigger a follow-up mail piece, or suppress one. With SnailWorks, all marketing channels can “talk” to one another to optimize your offer.

You determine the action or behavior that leads to the next event. SnailWorks' API and web services even allow triggering events to integrate directly with your CRM or telemarketing systems.