Snailworks - Mail Tracking, Visibility & Delivery

Success Reporting

An intuitive dashboard that shows you every element of your campaign on a single screen - and is the portal to a world of detailed data

Through the SnailWorks Global Dashboard, you can keep tabs on all activity and interactions with every component of your clients’ campaigns. The Dashboard gives your clients the reports they need to track mail delivery and see:

Delivery status of every outbound channel:

  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Content - White papers, videos, web links

Response rates through all response channels:

  • Landing page hits
  • Web link clicks
  • QR codes
  • Inbound mail
  • Inbound telemarketing

CRM views show you how individual prospects are interacting with your campaign:

  • You can see what works for your best prospects
  • Prepare for follow up knowing what prospects have responded to

Every report, every list of responses, every element of SnailWorks Success Reporting can be downloaded in a variety of formats for your next steps.

From a simple global view, your clients can drill down for detailed reporting on every aspect of every channel of their campaign. Measuring—and knowing how to repeat — success has never been easier.