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Variable mapping doesn’t have to be hard.

Maps make direct mail more effective – there’s no doubt about it. Businesses, from health care facilities to retail outlets to auto dealers, know that when you draw a map from the prospect’s home to their business they are much more likely to go there. Today’s technology makes it possible to print a unique map on each piece of mail.

But it hasn’t been easy…or affordable.
Until Now

Maps2Print™ from SnailWorks is a new service designed with commercial printers and mailers in mind. The Maps2Print™ difference is clear:

  • Easy to use – we integrate right into your production software
  • Print at full production speed – works seamlessly with your existing imaging software
  • Much less expensive than existing solutions.

Easy to Use:

  • Your job is managed by an experienced SnailWorks project manager – no self-service required;
  • You upload your mailing file;
  • Maps2Print creates individual map images for each record;
  • Maps2Print returns those images formatted and optimized for your imaging software and technology;

Fast Printing:

The map files we return will be optimized to deliver full production speed on your imaging equipment;

Many Custom Options Available

  • Map size
  • Customizable markers
  • Routing
  • Multiple map styles available
  • Multiple image file formats

Some of our favorite applications

  • Identify closest store/facility location(s) to prospect – show one or multiple sites on map
  • Map with a route drawn from recipient address to store location
  • Include distance information on mail piece – “We’re less than 3 miles away!”
  • Identify and mark other existing customers near prospect to show how popular your service or product is
  • Include QR code link to get mobile directions