Snailworks - Mail Tracking, Visibility & Delivery

Turns Tracking Data into Action

More than reports, Visiblity+ turns tracking intelligence into action…along with the best reports in the industry.

The industry's most intuitive reporting:

Outbound mail tracking and reporting

  • Reporting available by first scan, last scan, and delivery date
  • Drillable reports from a national view to a single piece
  • Multi-version projects supported

Inbound/reply mail tracking and reporting

  • Know exactly who is responding, and when
  • Anticipate and plan for incoming revenue
  • Simple, intuitive, powerful reports

YourMail reporting allows you to share delivery data with dealers, branches, clients, and chapters - just as the mail arrives

Forwarded and Returned Mail reports let you know when and where mail is redirected

Outbound mail tracking and reporting
Inbound/reply mail tracking and reporting
IMb file coding—unique numbering on tracked mail
Deliveries can trigger follow-up communications
Reporting available by first scan, last scan and delivery date

A system designed for taking action:

  • Create daily trigger files from tracking data to deploy coordinated emails, telemarketing, and more
  • Daily trigger files automatically support triggered emails, telemarketing, and more
  • Single Source ACS management and reporting for updating mailing lists immediately
  • Real-time web and API services integrate your mail delivery with Sales Force and other CRM systems, driving action
  • SnailWorks Mail Tracking is part of the SnailWorks Coordinated Direct Mail Platform - the integrated single-point solution for digital marketing campaign coordination.

A system designed for business:

  • No contract required in many cases
  • A Branded Reseller structure that allows:
    • Private branding or co-branding on all report pages
    • Sub-accounts with sign-ins for clients to view project

Easy to Use

  • OneStep Seamless Tracking makes creating jobs simple from any presort software
  • Navigating reports is intuitive - no training required
  • Supports Full-Service Intelligent Mail
  • Supports a variety of Mailer ID usesCreation of user accounts by clients