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Mail Tracking Pricing

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Up to 10,000 records
($2/M for additional records)

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10 Jobs


10 jobs of up to 10,000 records

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of Records


1,000,000 records –
no job minimum!

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SnailWorks Mail Tracking Delivers!
Services that make managing complex data a snap

SnailWorks Mail Tracking is designed to deliver unique value to people who depend on the mail in their businesses.

  • Powerful, intuitive online reporting;
  • Automated trigger files allow you to coordinate other channels to mail delivery;
  • First scan/last scan reporting with a mouse click;
  • A variety of payment plans
    • Buy a Single Job or a group of jobs – no contract required;
    • Pre-pay for blocks of scans – cheaper by the million!
    • Sign up for a monthly plan – start as low as $149/month - call for details 855 697-6245