Snailworks - Mail Tracking, Visibility & Delivery

The SnailWorks D2DID platform allows mailers to effortlessly integrate direct mail tracking jobs and the reporting data from Informed Delivery campaign data. SnailWorks even sets the campaigns up with the USPS!

The benefits of the USPS Informed Delivery program include:
  • Create anticipation for the mail piece
  • Drive ID viewers to online resources – catalogs, coupons, offers
  • Provide a simplified response path
  • Create another brand impression

How it works:

Here’s what you’ll need to create your campaign:

  • A “Ride-Along” image JPEG – this will become a clickable button in the Informed Delivery feed. Must have a clear Call-to-Action that covers at least 20% of the ad.
  • A target URL:This is the web address prospects will be taken to if they click on the Ride-Along.
  • Optional– A “Representative Image” JPEG – this is the image that will replace the black and white image provided in the Informed Delivery feed. Must resemble the mail piece.

Here’s what you do:

Your MID, our MID - Do it yourself, or have us do it for you - automate right from your presort - SnailWorks provides a lot of easy ways to create mail tracking jobs.

  • Go to click on the button
  • Fill out the form. It’s easy!
  • Upload image(s). Just browse for images and click on submit.
  • You’re done!

Here’s what’s next:

  • A SnailWorks project manager will set up your campaign and send you an image of the ad for approval.
  • USPS Informed Delivery will distribute your ad to all subscribers on your list the day the mail is delivered.
  • SnailWorks will provide summary and detail reports of who got it, who opened, who clicked.

Please Note:
  • Direct2Digital ID requires tracking by SnailWorks.
  • Projects must allow time to be submitted to USPS 2 days before mailing.
  • Reports may not be available for up to 2 days after mailing.
  • While optional on letter-size mail, Representative Images are required for flats.