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Campaign Solutions

Industry Solutions for Mail Tracking, Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery

SnailWorks Makes It Easy!

  • Assigns IMB's
  • Registers with IV programs
  • Provides step-by-step mailing setup guidance
  • Provides intuitive web-based reports
  • Provides a secure means of sharing tracking data with the voter

CampaignTrack™ Outbound Mail Tracking

Use the power of USPS Informed Visibility® to know when your mailings are delivered. CampaignTrack makes it easy. We help you navigate the complexity of getting your tracking set up with the Postal Service, help you get the right barcodes on the mail for tracking, and — most importantly — provide detailed easy to understand and share reports from the tracking data.

Share Mail and Voter Registration Tracking

How ofter do you reach out to your voters and ask them to contact their friends, or register to vote? It's a challenge to know if or when they've responded. CampaignTrack allows you to print a unique barcode on each mail piece so you can see if they followed your instructions.

Informed Voter™ Informed Delivery for Elections

Boost your message with Informed Delivery. SnailWorks makes it easy with Informed Voter™. You supply a simple image and web address. Informed Voter adds a clickable ad to an email sent by the Postal Service every morning.

Today, one in five households in the country sees their mail in Informed Delivery every day. Make sure your message and link are there with Informed Voter!

Ballot Tracking Solutions

Assure Ballot Integrity

Scan the IMb on a mailed ballot to ensure what day it was placed in the mail, and that it was in the custody of USPS.

Visible Ballot™ — Absentee and Vote-By-Mail Ballot Tracking

Designed for election authorities, Visible Ballot™ allows you to track and confirm the mailing of ballots to the voter, and to follow the ballot after it's been mailed back. Visible Ballot uses data directly provided by the US Postal Service through its Informed Visiblity® program.