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Track postal mail, launch campaigns, and synchronize all your direct marketing from one place.

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Know When Your Mail is Delivered

Turn tracking data into strategic decisions

Direct Marketing Synchronized: Postal mail tracking, digital marketing campaigns, PURLs, QRURLs, landing pages and performance analytics all in one place.

Real-Time Tracking
SnailWorks Mail Tracking™ let’s you follow every piece of mail – one at a time or millions at a time.

Perfect Timing
SnailWorks Mail Tracking™ is designed to trigger other marketing channels, coordinating all of your direct marketing events around mail delivery.

Share simple, powerful reports with the field – your branches, franchisees, chapters – automatically let them know when their mail is delivered so they can get ready for business.

When Will Your Mail Deliver?

Need to know when your next mailing will deliver? Want to know when it needs to mail to be delivered by a certain date? Try our delivery estimator!

Select a “from” city, a “to” city, and a class of mail. Enter the date you will mail it, or the date you want it to be delivered. Don’t forget to read the fine print!


This online tool is for illustration only. Results are based on origin post office to addressee and average delivery times observed by the SnailWorks Mail Tracking system. There is no guarantee implied or expressed as to the accuracy of these estimates. Mail delivery times can vary dramatically based on seasonality, mail volumes, mail pieces design, and countless other variables. If mail transit time is critical to your efforts we strongly urge you to use SnailWorks™ Mail Tracking on your actual mail to receive real-time delivery reports.

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Schedule personalized messages across channels.

SnailWorks makes them arrive exactly when you want—automatically.

Triggered Emails
Use in-home delivery dates to trigger follow-up emails that take customers to personalized landing pages we can develop for you.

QR Codes and PURLs
Create QR codes that pre-populate registration forms with customer information in desktop, tablet, and mobile formats.

Channel Synchronization
Direct your marketing channels to collaborate with one another to improve customer perceptions, experiences, and response.

ReportingGet a Demo

See what’s happening in your campaigns at a glance.

Access real-time analytics and reporting of every marketing channel on a single screen–our Success Reporting dashboard.

Customizable views
Easily see what matters to you most–delivery dates, open rates, click-through rates, bounces, leads, and more.

Multi-channel reports
Create campaign reports that combine activity across postal mailings and online messaging to accurately gauge overall results.


People who trust SnailWorks.

…along with many other retailers, marketers, designers and agencies worldwide.

“We use SnailWorks because of its ability to manage our multichannel projects. Our previous software required us to use a lot of resources. SnailWorks makes the entire process a lot easier—it does the work for us.”

–David Gargano
Managing Partner
Direct Marketing Company

“I use SnailWorks to reach new patrons and stay engaged with current ones. The platform is easy to use and I have integrated my postal mailings with emails, Facebook and Twitter postings to increase ticket sales over the past two years.”

–Celeste Owens
Owner/Marketing Director
Theater Company

“Our direct-to-consumer clients have to hit in-home delivery dates to be successful —we track every piece of mail using SnailWorks Mail Tracking services to help them anticipate sales volume, store traffic and campaign effectiveness as the mail arrives.”

–Stephanie Gold
Direct Marketing Company