Weekly US Mail Traffic Report – November 1, 2021 – Overall, OK, but look for hold-ups in Maryland…
November 2, 2021   Dave Lewis

First-Class Letters were on time 86.29% of the time based on previous delivery service standards, up a touch from the prior week. Again, this is not using the new, slower standards. All in all, letters seem to be holding their own, even given their relaxed service standards. Still, we do see a greater proportion of late mail being more late. We expect to be comparing to new service standards next week, but we’re not going to stop this view, either.

Marketing Mail Letters were on time 94.85% of the time, up from 93.86% the prior week. Again, a MUCH more generous standard

Average Intra-SCF delivery time was 2.40 days for Marketing mail letters, 2.41 days for Marketing Mail flats.

Slowest SCFs for Intra-SCF delivery week of 10/18:
·        Southeastern, PA:  8.47 days
·        Waterloo, IA:   5.08 days
·        Washington, DC:   4.50 days

The fastest:
·        Peoria, IL: 1.42 days
·        Traverse City, MI: 1.46 days
·        Rapid City, SD: 1.51 days

A letter from California to Maryland, on average, took:

·        First-Class:          9.04 days (Ewww)
·        Marketing Mail:  7.09 (Worse than last week, but not that bad…)

We dug deeper on the First-Class result: It’s an outlier. There is plenty of supporting data, but mail from California did fine elsewhere, and in Maryland, service from other states was OK.

Map of the Week - Days Late for a First-Class Letter from Anaheim, CA, mail received in last 2 weeks, based on prior standards. 

All figures based on qualified pieces tracked by SnailWorks. For more detailed information, subscribe to the SnailWorks newsletter.