Don’t Just Track Your Mail – Do Something About It!
November 29, 2023   Dave Lewis

Of course, you track all your mail.  You need to be in control of how mail is delivering.  You need to keep your clients apprised of how their mail is traveling as well as documenting when you entered the mail.  Your clients need to prepare for response.  This list goes on and on.

When we started SnailWorks we built it to use mail tracking as a tool to coordinate other marketing channels with direct mail delivery.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  Generally, direct mail is the most expensive component of a multi-channel campaign, so you want to maximize its value by triggering other channels to support it at just the right moment.  SnailWorks is built with tools to do that triggering.

One client was marketing extended auto warrantees.  They found over their years in the business that the ideal time to follow up with prospects through outbound telemarketing was four days after the mail was delivered.  Not three, not five… Four.  SnailWorks was able to set up a daily feed that would provide a list of who received the mail four days prior.  This feed went directly into the outbound telemarketer’s CRM and would automatically provide information to their operators.  The customer had included the phone number in the mailing file, so no lookup was required – just smile, dial, and sell.

The same idea applies to email.  A naked marketing email without another channel supporting it is unlikely to be opened, much less acted upon.  Coordinating it closely with other channels is critical.  SnailWorks, using the Postal Service’s Informed Visibility, knows exactly when each piece is delivered, and you can send a follow-up email the same day the mail arrives.  We see it like a mail sandwich – the prospect sees the mail piece first in their Informed Delivery feed, then they get the actual piece in their mailbox.  Then, you can follow up with another email to get another chance at response.

We have created trigger files for all manners of campaigns, from IP targeting to SMS texting.  Whatever channels you work with, they will be more effective when timed to coordinate with your direct mail.  Multi-channel marketing works – and SnailWorks can coordinate it for you.

So, if you are tracking your mail, do something with that intelligence.  Build your campaign around the mail – with precision.  Need help getting started?  Contact us – we do this all the time.