Enhancing Your Services for 2023
November 30, 2022   Dave Lewis

With the 2022 election in the rear-view mirror (mostly), and year-end projects wrapping up, it is time to begin thinking about 2023.  Here are some thoughts on how mail service providers can look to add value for their customers and profits for the bottom line.

  • Create service bundles.  When you prepare a mailing for a customer, it is assumed that you will presort the file, print barcodes, maybe even fold the letter before you insert it.  This is a great time to include additional services that relate directly to the mailing:  mail tracking and ACS services.  Mail tracking benefits both the mailer and the mail owner – it really should be a default part of your services.  ACS finds those pesky UAA’s that NCOA missed, allowing your customer to improve the quality of their list.  These should be default choices for your customers, and are certainly billable.  You are also providing a more holistic service – a complete mailing solution.
  • Track response.  This is so easy to do, and your customers will love it.  Simply make the IMb on their reply envelopes trackable, and they can see how many responses have been put in the mail – almost instantly.  Response rates are one of those things that your customers may not know for days after a mailing has played out.  Inbound tracking gives them a quick read on how their project is performing.  It’s a low-cost add-on that your customers will love you for.
  • Add personalized QR codes.  The QR code is making a big comeback.  You will see it on more and more of your mail.  With minimal cost and effort, you can help your customers add unique QR codes to every mail piece.  This way they can know exactly who visited their landing page and follow up. 
  • Participate in USPS promotions.  Mailer owners love postage discounts.  Help them participate in as many as they can.  Our favorite is the Informed Delivery promotion, but there are others earlier in the year that you may be able to help them with.

Adding related services to what you already do for your customers deepens the relationship – they count on you for more than mail production, so they become more loyal.   You can also add profit centers – new services are worth money – charge a fair price!

The time to think about these services is now.  Build them into your 2023 plans and budget.  You – and your bottom line – will be glad you did!