The Small Side of Mail Tracking
April 28, 2022   Dave Lewis

Putting single-piece and YourMail features to work.

I think we tend to look at mail tracking at the highest level – did the mail get delivered yet?  When will the mail be delivered?  Generally, when we talk about “the mail” we’re looking at an entire mailing – and there is big value in that.  Knowing the fate of a full mailing is critical, particularly, if there are delays or client expectations are not being met – often drilling deep in the mailing will identify issues. Knowledge is power as they say; once you identify a problem you can begin to solve it.  You are also able to notify your call center letting them know how many calls to expect and when. The benefits of mail tracking go on and on.

But Informed Visibility and SnailWorks are really functioning at a single-piece level under it all, and there is often a lot of value to be gained by thinking small.


Maybe you’re not really sending a million-piece mailing.  Maybe it’s really 500 mailings of 2,000 pieces each.

If your mailing supports any subsegments, such as local chapters, regions, stores, it is easy to send them delivery reports that they can use to anticipate response and remind them that you’re working for them.  Our YourMail™ product was designed specifically for a franchise operation with hundreds of locations.  When we track a job for them, of course we would provide overall tracking to the parent company, but we also send out hundreds of emails to each location letting them know that the mail around them is being delivered.  The emails are sent automatically as the mail delivers, based on parameters you set.  You don’t need to create a split for each location – you just need to identify them in a user-defined field in your address file.   

Individual franchises can be ready for added business – and are reminded where that added business came from.  It’s a simple but effective notice that doesn’t require a postal expert to interpret.


Single-Piece Notifications

There is some mail people look forward to.  Particularly if it is something they ordered or requested.  Maybe something fun, like a gift card.  Maybe something important, like a check.  Maybe an account statement.  No matter what it may be, you can provide online tracking so they can follow and anticipate it.  Informed Visibility (and SnailWorks) goes down to that level of detail.  Your customer can get a detailed report on when the piece was mailed, what the expected delivery date is, even showing its travel as it heads towards them.  Just knowing that the item has been mailed to them and that there is tracking available will improve customer satisfaction with the transaction.  You can enhance this by including an expected delivery date, which increases customer satisfaction, and reduces inquiries.


Of course, this kind of tracking has long been available for packages – at a much higher postage price.  With the sophistication and reliability of Informed Visibility and SnailWorks there is no reason not to bring this level of tracking to fulfillment of letters and flats.  The best things come in small packages.

So now may be the time to think big about thinking small.  Contact us to discuss how this can help you.