April 11, 2022   Dave Lewis

An Improving Trend from Last Week.      

We’re honestly not sure what was going on in our last report – there were definitely some slowdowns.  This week we see on-time percentages returning to standards, if just a touch off the norms.

First-Class letters were delivered on time 92.75% of the time, still not quite back to peak performance but a marked improvement over last week’s performance at 89.39%.  Same story for First-Class flats: delivered on time 93.83% of the time, still an solid performance, but down a bit since last week.

Marketing Mail Letters stayed strong with 97.68% of letters delivered on time.  Marketing Mail Flats were delivered on time 96.79% of the time, their best mark since the week of June 7, 2021.  Average Intra-SCF delivery time was 2.09 days for Marketing Mail letters, 2.01 days for Marketing Mail flats.  These are good numbers.

Slowest SCFs for Intra-SCF letters, delivery week of 4/4: (10,000 pieces minimum)

  • Inglewood, CA:             3.62 days
  • Rocky Mount, NC:        3.01 days
  • Southern MD, MD:       2.98 days

The fastest:

  • Iron Mountain, MI:       1.34 days
  • Van Nuys, CA:              1.46 days
  • Baton Rouge, LA:          1.48 days

A letter-size piece from California to Maryland, on average, took:

  • First-Class:           3.70 days
  • Marketing Mail:   10.70 days

We’ll call this largely status quo.  Which we’ll take.


In general, how long does it take a Marketing Mail letter to be delivered?  Not including local mail.  Depends on what state the letter is going to.  Here’s the performance we saw in the first ten month we were tracking.

April 11