Zero Effort Fulfillment Tracking – This is Kind of Cool
December 21, 2021   Dave Lewis

If you do fulfillment – or just order stuff online – you know that tracking is simply expected.  Whether it’s a pallet load of guitar cases or six new guitar picks, your customers want to know where their stuff is.  The pallet is easy.  Someone’s going to scan a pallet, but those guitar picks?  Like many products, they will easily fit into an envelope, and it’s way less expensive to send an envelope than a box or even a padded bag. 

Of course, tracking envelopes is what we do best here at SnailWorks.  And we’re making it work for small item fulfillment – think guitar picks, or phone screen protectors, or stamps, or…well, anything that will fit in an envelope.  Most of our users imagine us tracking big mailings with colorful maps and fabulous graphs and reports…well, yeah, we do that, but we also track individual pieces.  And we can also give you a tracking URL to send each customer’s order.  Text it to them, send them an email – whatever works for you.  They can click and see where their order is in the mail.  Easy…and affordable.

The barcoding and tracking process is as easy as you have come to expect from SnailWorks.  We can provide you with blocks of IMbs that you can print on each envelope, or on pressure-sensitive labels.  For clients using Endicia®, a popular postage payment method, it already has a trackable IMb on it!  You don’t even need to print your own.  We can get the data directed to us.

You get an overview of all your enveloped orders traveling to their destination, a simple lookup for customer inquiries, and an easy-to-understand tracking record for consumers.

We have been doing fulfillment tracking for several clients for some time now, using a variety of means.  Adding SnailWorks tracking is an easy affordable way to add value to your fulfillment.  Contact us to learn more.