Informed Delivery Reporting Hits Some Snags at USPS. SnailWorks Navigates Around Them.
September 27, 2021   Dave Lewis

We’ve said countless times before, there’s a lot more to Informed Delivery than 2% off your postage.  Increased response rates and valuable intelligence about your prospects are high among its benefits.  When ID was first launched, the only way to get reporting and detail data was to manually download it from the USPS portal.  Ewww!  But we did it because we knew how valuable the data was, and over time we developed automated internal processes to streamline the process to help us support our growing volume of ID. A few months ago, a data feed became available through the IV-MTR platform so reporting would come just like mail tracking data.  It took a while to get the data perfected, and SnailWorks worked together with the Postal Service to validate the data.  No more manual downloads.  Yay!

Now, once again the Postal Service hit some snags in providing accurate data through the IV feed.  Some of the data was there, but some records were missing.  Once the problem was recognized, we again began to get manual feeds to supplement the data that was coming through the feed.  So, you can count on SnailWorks to provide accurate reporting on all your ID tracking, whatever it takes.

If you’re not participating in the 2021 Informed Delivery Promotion, you are missing the chance to save postage and boost response.  If you’re trying to do it on your own, we may be able to help you find more value in it.  Contact us to learn more.