Cool New Demo Job for Every Reseller
August 30, 2021   Dave Lewis

One request made at our SnailWorks Users’ Conference was for a more robust demo account that resellers can use to show their clients the benefits of mail tracking, as well as all the amazing reports and features available.  Now you have one!

Log into your account, and all the way at the bottom of your client list you will see “Demo Account.”  Click on that sucker, and the first thing you see will be two jobs listed.  The first job, cleverly named “Job with ACS & ID” is the demo job of which dreams are made.  You can demonstrate mail tracking, drilling down to the single piece, map views, and more.  You can demonstrate Informed Delivery reporting – summary and detail.  You can even demonstrate how ACS reports look and work. 

It is a great tool to have in your sales toolbox in case your salespeople carry toolboxes.  If you or your sales team would like a quick tutorial on how to give your clients an effective demo, reach out to us – we love sharing ways to help you sell more.