Worried About Undocumented Mail? SnailWorks Can Help!
April 26, 2021   Dave Lewis

It is reasonable to be worried about Undocumented Mail.  In some instances, you may be charged Undocumented Fees when there is really nothing wrong with the mail – and it can be very difficult to identify assessed mail pieces and dispute them.  Tracking mail with SnailWorks can be a huge help – and we are adding even more services to help make Seamless Acceptance easier to deal with, contact your SnailWorks account management team and they can help you with this!

Matching an assessment to the correct mailing can be more challenging than you imagine.  Generally, the most information you are going to get from USPS includes only the IMb on the piece being assessed and some difficult to interpret container information that you may not recognize.  If you’ve tracked your mail with SnailWorks Mail Tracking we can take an IMb or a file of IMb’s, and match them to the correct job, mail piece, container, and more.  This matching allows you to identify the assessed pieces and provide documentation if available.  If it is indeed undocumented, you have the opportunity to see why and correct your processes for future mailings.

Of course, this is all assuming that you can get the offending IMb’s identified.  When the Postal Service sends an assessment, they provide very little data as to what pieces are being assessed.  If you try to pull up details from the Business Mailers Gateway, you will generally get very incomplete data.  The Postal Service only holds error detail data 7 days, and eDoc data for 45 days – so if a piece of mail is scanned more than 45 days after the eDoc submission it is categorized as undocumented by default.  Contact SnailWorks to learn more about how we can help with undocumented mail.