Looking for Trouble? Here’s How to Find It
February 24, 2021   Dave Lewis

The observant among you may have notice that USPS delivery performance was, at times, um… suboptimal during the last few months.  Yeah, that’s it – suboptimal.  It is indeed getting better as spring approaches, but remains very unpredictable.  Of course, you already know you should track your mail…and wash your hands, and brush your teeth.  Good advice, all, but we want to give you a little more depth on the mail tracking part.  We’ll leave the teeth and hands to your mom and Dr. Fauci.

If you are tracking your mail with SnailWorks, there are a couple of great tools incorporated in the system to keep you abreast of what is happening with your mail, performance-wise:

On-Time Performance is right there in the job pulldown menu.  You select these reports to show you how your mail is delivering versus the targeted delivery date range.

Don’t have a targeted delivery date range?  Contact our Project Management team and they’ll help you add one.  SnailWorks does create a default range if you don’t assign one.

Another great tool is our Late Delivery Exception Report.  You can select this report from the report dashboard:

You choose what date you consider late, and what percent of the mail should have been delivered by that date.  If the mail is not delivering within your expectations, you will get a special email alerting you that on-time delivery is at risk so you can react accordingly.  This spring we will be expanding this report to include tray and container movement as well. 

This kind of performance reporting allows you to evaluate your mailing programs and adjust or adapt plans as needed.  Everyone wants to see great delivery, but smart mailers know they need to know when it’s not so great, too.

Need a little help accessing these features?  Contact us – we’re waiting to help you!