USPS Earned Value Promotion – SnailWorks Gets You Pennies from Heaven!
January 21, 2021   Dave Lewis

The Postal Service has a promotion this spring that can help you earn postage credits with almost no effort…well, at least no effort for you.  The Earned Value Promotion (EVP) rewards you for using Business Reply or Courtesy Reply envelopes in your direct mail packages.  You can earn $.02 for every BRE or CRE mailed into you from April 1, 2021 until June 30, 2021.  If you already use reply mail, you get a postage credit for just doing what you’ve been doing – is this a great country, or what?

This promotion has been around a few years, but you have probably not participated because, well…Postal Service…gateway…eww.  We get it.  That’s what is so great – now, SnailWorks can do it all for you – no gateway, and just lovable us!  And, because we’re SnailWorks, we integrate it right into your response tracking.  You’ll know how many responses you got every day, and how many pennies are going into your pot o’ gold.  I mean, copper.  Or copper-ish zinc, or whatever they make pennies out of these days.

Anyhoo, here’s how it works:

  • You send us one of the current boring reply envelopes your using today;
  • You go out and get a cup of coffee;
  • We get a special MID just for your replies;
  • We get you registered in the promotion;
  • We send you new envelope art with the special trackable, penny-making Intelligent Mail barcode on it;
  • You use the art to print your new reply envelopes, and mail them like crazy;
  • We give you response tracking – you’ll know every day how many people sent in a reply the day before.  You will love this more than you know;
  • At the end of the promotion, we will put on our green eye shades and sleeve garters and divvy up the credits.

It really is crazy easy.  And affordable.  If you’re already tracking response, we’ll charge a laughably small fee to get you registered for the promotion. 

When the promotion is done, you can continue to use the reply envelopes you created.  They’ll be trackable if you want, or we can switch them off.  This promotion is really money for nothing. 

Is there fine print?  A little, but not much.  USPS doesn’t really give you pennies – it’s postage credits.  We can explain the details when you contact us.

The biggest fine print, which I will ironically type in large print, is that you must register by March 29, 2021

Easiest. Promotion. Ever.  You’re welcome.  Contact us to learn more!