A Secret Tour of the SnailWorks Skunk Works
December 24, 2020   Dave Lewis

My favorite place to visit as I stroll the SnailWorks campus is the top-secret product development lab, or the Skunk Works as we like to call it.  Here you’ll find swarms of lab-coated mail scientists dreaming up new and better products for the mailing industry that we expect to roll out next year.  Let’s take a peek…

A New Meta-Focus

At SnailWorks we do one job at a time for each client – but all of those “one jobs” add up to a massive amount of delivery data - from everywhere, to everywhere.  In 2021, we plan on doing a lot of data aggregation to provide exciting new services:

  • Aggregate views across your projects.  Soon you will be able to combine jobs to see how different projects and clients performed as a whole.  A great tool for production planning and spotting delivery trends for your mail;
  • Nationwide delivery trending.  By aggregating and evaluating the metadata from jobs we are following across the country, we’ll be able to identify the slow downs and delivery issues, so you can leverage our data to plan your mailings better, for all classes and sizes of mail;
  • Predictive tracking.  When your mailing is inducted at an NDC in Pittsburgh, or an SCF in Oakland, how long will it take to get in home?  How should you plan your trucking and logistics?  Working with our vast warehouse of delivery data we can provide the intelligence to help provide the tools you need.

Managing Container and Tray Data

Any clients who are drop shipping mail, and even those making origin drops, need to know where their containers and trays are.  Informed Visibility provides that data, and SnailWorks will be developing a new user interface to make working with that data as easy as we’ve made tracking mail pieces.

Tracking Election Mail with VisibleBallot™

It looks like Vote-by-Mail is here to stay.  This will represent a huge opportunity for mail service providers, from printing and mailing ballots to commingling them on a MLOCR, there is a lot of high-value mail surrounding ballots.  But, the time to act is now.  Given the challenges faced in this past election, voting officials will be looking for solutions, and accountability.  SnailWorks’ VisibleBallot™ is designed to add integrity and trust to Vote-by-Mail.  We’ll be simplifying and refining it in 2021 – getting ready for 2022.  You should be, too!

Turning Inbound Tracking into Response Tracking

As the nation adjusts to the unpredictable effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its resolution (we hope!), getting quick feedback on responses mailed in will be more important than ever.  SnailWorks’ Response Tracking is already helping fundraisers across the country.  We’ll be making it easier and better in the new year.

Faster, Easier…Just Better

Cool new products are great, but our product team is really working to make mail tracking easier and more valuable than ever.  Simplified job creation, enhanced reporting, rearranging the little things that make it easier to work with us every day are our main focus – always. 

So. We’ll sneak out of the SWSW now, and let our mad mail scientists get back to work.  We’ve got a good feeling about 2021…

A happy and prosperous New Year to all of our friends and customers!