Woo Hoo!! SnailWorks Starts Up a New MID!
December 24, 2020   Dave Lewis

You know the problem with numbers?  There are only so many of them, and then you run out of numbers.  OK, I guess that is not technically correct – I have read there are infinite numbers available in the cosmos.  The Postal Service ain’t the cosmos.

They only give us 9 digits to use as a serial number in an Intelligent Mail barcode.  That’s still a lot of numbers – a Billion.  And we have just about used up our billion numbers on the SnailWorks Mailer ID (MID). 

When this happens, we don’t despair.  We just get us another MID and start counting again.  And that’s what we’re getting ready to do:  on December 29, 2020 we will be switching to our new MID, with a fresh set of serial numbers.

Here’s who should care, and what to do:

  • If you use your own MID – virtually all of our OneStep customers, you can ignore this – just carry on as before
  • If you create jobs online, using the SnailWorks MID – the system will automatically switch and start giving you IMb’s using the new MID.  If you just use the IMb’s we give you, everything will work fine.  If you have hardcoded the SnailWorks MID into your systems be alert – you will need to make sure your staff changes the MID. 
  • If you have ANY doubts or questions CONTACT US!  We live to help you make sure you get your mail coded right!  There are no stupid questions – at least not when it comes to Intelligent Mail barcodes.  This can be complicated stuff.
  • You probably noticed I haven’t told you the new MID – You are very observant.  Don’t trust the newsletter guy – your project manager will make sure you’ve got this.
  • OKOK!

Happy New Year!! Happy New MID!