SnailWorks Election Products for 2020
January 22, 2020   Dave Lewis

With the 2020 election season really just getting into gear, we want to remind our friends and clients (often the very same folks!) about all of the products we have available to enhance your election and campaign mailing efforts.  It all falls under the umbrella of CampaignTrack™. snailworks election 2020 Logo 01.07.2020 CampaignTrack Outbound Uses our Visibility+ product to track every piece of campaign mail to delivery
  • Incredibly easy to set up and get started with;
  • Intuitive web-based reports – including options for district and precinct reports;
  • First scan/Any scan reporting proves when and where mail was entered;
  • Online or automated email reporting.
CampaignTrack Person to Person Empowering Inbound and Share Mail® for better response management
  • Use unique inbound Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb’s) to know when your constituents register to vote from your mailing efforts;
  • Know how your absentee ballot and voter registration efforts are performing;
  • Provide a simplified way to pay postage for your constituents’ viral vote efforts.
Direct2Digital ID for Campaigns Deliver more impressions to your voters
  • Add Informed Delivery campaigns to every mailing;
  • Replace the black and white mail piece image with a full color replacement image;
  • Add web links directly to your candidates, Election Board or organization’s web page.
    • Link to donation or volunteer pages directly.
Visible Ballot™ - Vote by Mail and Absentee Ballot Mail Tracking Designed for election authorities
  • Track to be sure your absentee ballots are being delivered to voters;
  • Track inbound ballots as they are returned;
  • Give your voters a unique encrypted web link to track their own ballots;
  • Verify when ballots were mailed in, and confirm authenticity.
SnailWorks tracked hundreds of millions of mail pieces for thousands of campaigns in 2018 and 2019.  As you gear up for the election season, count on us to make your clients’ campaigns winners!