Snailworks - Mail Tracking, Visibility & Delivery


How SnailWorks Serves Utilities

Utilities continue to rely heavily on the mail, not just for bill presentment but for marketing online services, energy conservation programs, and compliance mailings. SnailWorks can help drive your customers to online services, and make your mail more effective.

SnailWorks Mail Tracking

  • Use inbound mail tracking reports to anticipate cash flow – know when the check is really in the mail
  • Inbound mail tracking also allows you to suppress expense door hangers and shut-offs from payments already in the mail
  • Mail tracking allows you to satisfy due diligence requirements from many authorities for compliance mailings
  • SnailWorks’ single-piece lookup feature allows you to respond to customer service inquiries with facts about when a bill was sent and received
  • SnailWorks’ first-scan reports allow you to demonstrate that mailed notices were in the custody of the Postal Service without expensive Certificates of Mailing

SnailWorks Multi-Channel Campaigns

  • Drive customers to online resources and apps that allow them to contact customer service operators less often
  • SnailWorks landing pages can identify who has visited, and allow you to offer additional services
  • Easily test different marketing approaches – copy, channel, pricing – and measure results on your online SnailWorks dashboard