April 28, 2016

A World With Informed Visibility!
It's a lot like the world we're currently in...

The Postal Service made a big splash at the National Postal Forum in Nashville last month with the roll-out of its "informed" products – Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery.  Apparently there was a 2-for-1 sale at the word store… You can read more about these two services in last month's Under the Shell, or watch the webinar we did with NAAD.

Today we want to focus on Informed Visibility, the next iteration of Intelligent Mail tracing.  It is touted as an expansive new view of the movement of your mail through the Postal Service.  OK, it is that to some extent, but as we formulate our strategies for dealing with this new flood of data we think it is important to maintain some perspective.  In practical terms, Informed Visibility is an incremental enhancement of an existing system.  So let's all just stay calm, OK?

Here are the features being added under IV, assuming all goes as planned:

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Hey! That's my MID!!!
We're flexible, but there are some rules you just have to obey… 

One thing we are proud of at SnailWorks is the flexibility we have built into our system for managing a variety of Mailer ID's (MID's.)  Our customers have the option of using our MID; they can use theirs; they can use their customer's. We support all kinds of MID's. But even we have a few rules that make this crazy business at least a little manageable:

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