February 29, 2016

Hey Kids! Let's Do Some Marketing!
Something more important than exigent rates.

We're kind of postal nerdy around here, but even we are getting bored with waiting to see if rates are going to drop 4.3% in April.  We are confident that no company is going to have a triumphant year because their postage dropped by 4.3%.  We are guessing that no company will fail because the rates fail to drop 4.3%.  Those things – triumph and failure – are likely to happen because a company had great marketing – or no marketing.

Please note that for most small to medium businesses, the opposite of great marketing is not bad marketing – it's no marketing, or at least nowhere near enough.  Even kind of bad marketing, if done regularly, is likely to get you some business.  We're pretty sure that no marketing will get you no business.  And still, we see too many in our industry – the direct marketing industry, for goodness sake – fail to market adequately.

So, as a public service to our clients and prospective clients, we are going to give you an assignment.  Put together a marketing campaign to send out in March, and get yourselves a new client or two.  It's easy – we'll even help if you need it.  Here you go, step by step:

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How Your Landing Pages Can Be Better
It will cost you about an hour of your time.

We create a lot of landing pages at SnailWorks – it's kind of what we do.  And, we see that a lot of them could be better.  We're out to fix that.  Join us on March 3 for our newest FREE webinar – Landing Pages:  The Heart of Your Campaign.  Being a free webinar, it is, um, free.  Being a SnailWorks webinar it is, uh… Awesome.

This is one webinar you will be glad you watched.  We'll cover the nuts and bolts of landing pages – our webinars are great at teaching clients how-to.  But in this one, we'll be cracking open to ole' snail shell to share the strategies we've seen working day to day – and the ones that haven't.

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SnailWorks On The Road!

We're getting ready for the
National Postal Forum in March – plan on stopping by!  Need an exhibit hall pass? Drop us a line!

March 20 - 23 – National Postal Forum, Nashville, TN  www.NPF.org

Dave Lewis will be speaking at the NPF on Sunday, March 20, in Bayou B at 11:30 a.m. The topic: Building a Winning Multi-Channel Campaign. Don't miss it!

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