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January 28, 2016

Built In vs. Better
Why you should go with better

We are relieved not to be in the postal software business. Can you imagine having to be the guy that takes all of the changes the Postal Service has dished out in the last few years and turn them into functioning software?  Eww.  Thank goodness that is someone else's problem. It's no wonder that the mail tracking they cook into software designed to prepare mail is not their top priority.

Still, it's built right in there, right? All I need to do is push a button or something and I'm tracking mail, right? Umm, not exactly. There is usually quite a number of "buttons to push" configuring the software to meet your tracking requirements – and you generally need to send a file off to them and wait for it to come back. So it's built in, but not exactly effort-free – and certainly not cost-free.

Actually, clients using our OneStep Seamless Tracking solution have found it easier to use than the "built-in" tracking that postal software includes. 

So the one advantage that postal software providers would seem to have is not really an advantage – they're no easier to use.

And then there's all the other magic of SnailWorks...


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Landing Pages - The SnailWorks Webinar
SnailWorks' unique perspective

There may be no single part of a multi-channel campaign more important than the landing page.  The landing page is really the heart of your campaign. That's where your prospects go to respond.  That was the whole point of your campaign – to get them to your landing page. 

At SnailWorks, we help out clients develop and deploy web landing pages every day. We know the mechanics of creating a successful landing page, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to get it done. On February 25 we'll share some of the things we've learned in our free webinar: Landing Pages: The Heart of Your Campaign.

We've done a lot of webinars, but we are particularly excited about this one. This is what we'll cover...

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