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November 30, 2015

Hey! What Are YOU Looking At?
Getting your message across on different screens

One advantage of paper over computer screens:  At least you know what size a piece of paper is. The reply form you include in your direct mail package will be formatted exactly as you expect, and every piece will format exactly the same, because you printed it that way. Screens – not so much.  When you take that same form and turn it into a landing page your prospect may view it on their desktop computer or, more and more, they may view it on a mobile device. This could be a smart phone or a tablet -which may have a seven inch screen or a twelve inch screen, or something in between.  Something designed to look great on an iPhone may look stupid on a 24" monitor.  Similarly, something designed to look great on the 24" monitor will be unreadable on that smart phone. 

Thus, responsive design.  

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How Many Ways Can You Say "Yes"?
Well, we can think of at least four – and track them for you

OK, now that we've talked about responsive design, let's just talk about response.  Not how we can make it better – we're always talking about THAT – but, rather, how people respond and how you can measure it, so you can KNOW how great your response is.

When someone gets a piece for direct mail, or an email, for that matter, there are a few actions they can take to respond (thus a "call to action"):

  • Go to a web landing page using a PURL or GURL;
  • Make a phone call;
  • Send a text;
  • Mail in a reply;
  • Visit a location;
  • Visit your home page.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers the vast majority of direct responses.  And SnailWorks can provide a variety of solutions to help you measure almost all of these response channels....

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