October 29, 2015

I'm Not Sure Why Folks Keep Switching to Our Mail Tracking
But they seem to have a pretty good idea....

Seriously – I'm just not sure what is so great about our mail tracking, and I kinda helped design it.  Don't get me wrong – I love SnailWorks Mail Tracking™ – I'm in there every day checking one job or another.  But, isn't all mail tracking kind of the same?  Changing tracking services is a bit of a hassle.  You have to talk to your DP guys, and stuff like that.  So what is it about SnailWorks Mail Tracking that is so darn great that people are willing to change?  I was curious, so I thought I'd ask our customers – it was a pretty eye opening experience.  Here's what they told me....

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We'll Draw You a Map!
Our Next SnailWorks Webinar: Adding Maps to your Marketing
Thursday, November 12, 2:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Our core mission at SnailWorks is to make direct mail, well…work.  Work better, that is.  One method we have found that boosts response rates for some kinds of mail is by adding variable maps to the mail piece.  As we dug into it, we found that the map solutions currently on the market were really expensive and really slow.  "Surely we can do better than that," we said in one of the many conversations we have with ourselves, and lo and behold, we have done better – Maps2Print

Still, understanding how maps work, and the mechanics of using them in campaigns is not always simple, so our next webinar will do a deep dive into the specifics....

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