September 29, 2015

How We Market
And why you should, too.

Actually, maybe we should keep our marketing methods a secret. We never know who might be reading this, and we may be revealing our secret formula to a future competitor. 

Just kidding. If you truly want know our marketing "secrets" you just need to get on our list  (a very, very easy thing to do) and pay attention. If you are a SnailWorks reseller, you can more or less directly steal our "secrets"– with permission, of course.

Selling multi-channel marketing, or even just mail tracking, is a process. It takes time to help your clients understand the benefits of these services, but even more time to overcome the inertia and resistance to change inherent in people – and we do sell to people. It is important to stay present in your prospects' mind, and that is what we strive to do in our ongoing marketing. We have a regular program to stay in people's minds, and to establish thought leadership. One element is our monthly newsletter, Under the Shell – you're reading it now.  Another component is our, um…well, we call it our Wednesday Thing.  It is a brief thought – easy to write, easy to read – that we share with our community.  Very rarely do any of these have offers – they are primarily informational. This regular flow of information has done a great deal to elevate our visibility in the direct marketing industry.  

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New YourMail Application
OK, this isn't a new product, but it is a cool way of using one of our existing services. 

One of our mail service provider resellers now sends a triggered YourMail notice to their customers when 50% of the mail has been delivered. They also include a link to the detailed tracking that allows their customers to see all of their reporting without needing a user ID or password. 

 Now, clients are much more engaged with their mail tracking and see the mailer as more of a partner. Not to mention, if they use a competitor they don't get that cool service. 

YourMail is one of our favorite mail tracking services, in that it proactively engages the customer in mail tracking and helps build customer relationships. The threshold is configurable, so you can pick the trigger point that makes sense for you. If you haven't used YourMail, we need to talk. Click  here  and we'll tell you all about YourMail!

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