July 30, 2015

New SnailWorks Webinar!
Alternative Channels - IP Targeting, Retargeting, and More

Imagine: Your prospect opens the direct mail you have sent them and reads about your offer – the same offer they have seen advertised on web sites they have visited recently. "Oh yeah, I've seen this. Looks interesting," they think, and set the mail piece down. That evening, they get an email with the same offer again. Curious, they click on the link and visit the landing page – but they're still not quite sure, so they move on to check the news. They see another ad for your product on the news web site they visit, and finally, they decide they do want to take advantage of your offer. They click on the web ad, go to your landing page, and make a purchase. 

 This is brand resonance. This is brand immersion.  And, you can do this – today.

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What's Faster - Commingle, Co-Pal, Co-Mail - or Just Mail?
What you don't know could cost you

Mailing is not the business it used to be. Long gone are the days when mail was just dropped at the Post Office. Today, most mailing services are dealing with multiple comminglers, drop shipping to distant cities, co-palletization, and more. It's all intended to reduce the cost of postage, and in some cases add a little bit to the mail service provider's razor-thin margins. It's all about transporting the mail more efficiently, and enjoying postal discounts for doing so.

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