June 30, 2015

Multi-Channel just got channel-ier!
Tying IP Targeting Into Your Campaign

It's not often that a whole new channel gets introduced to direct marketing, but that's what we've got with IP Targeting. It's a relatively simple concept that really does open up a new way to reach prospects, and it marries up beautifully with direct marketing. This is a true game changer in direct marketing, and it's easy to do with SnailWorks.......

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What Does a Landing Page Do?
Probably a lot more than you thought.....

Our IT team is smarter than the rest of us regular folks around here. After a recent planning session we had here at SnailWorks World HQ, our VP of Information Technology, Chip Birckhead, sent us this document about all of the things a SnailWorks landing page does.  We were so wowed we thought we'd share it with the world....

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