How do your response rates stack up against your peers'? Do you count webinars as a marketing channel?                                                                                                             



April 28, 2015

Detailed Response Rate Information
Just kidding.  No one shares – or even really knows – their response rates.

We recently attended a webinar held by the Direct Marketing Association 
– DMA Response Rate Report 2015. It was, not surprisingly, their best attended webinar of the year. We’re all suckers for any promise of concrete response rate data. Of course we all know what we want:  “Based on incontrovertible analysis of statistically unimpeachable data, the average response rate for organizations doing direct marketing offers just like yours is 1.527%. If your response rate exceeds this, you are successful. Otherwise, well …not.”

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April 27, 2015

Is a Webinar a Channel?
Webinars work for us, so we’ll call it one.

A webinar is one of those neither fish-nor-fowl kind of things that exists in the realm of marketing. We’re all about marketing here at SnailWorks, and we try to share our greatest successes with our users – current and future.

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