A Holistic View of “Mail Tracking” in 2021
June 1, 2021   Dave Lewis

When we started SnailWorks in 2012, our goal was to become an “Integrated Marketing” company, supporting mail service providers as their IT back office so they could invigorate their mail offerings with connections to other channels.  Fundamentally, our offering was this:

  • We’ll track your mail to delivery;
  • We will use that delivery as a trigger for follow-up email & “other channels”;
  • We will also create and host a web landing page to which one’s prospects will be directed;
  • We will also create PURLs, QR codes, and other tools to link your direct mail to that same landing page;
  • We will provide a fabulous dashboard where your clients can see and adjust all of their multi-channel efforts.

And, we do all of those things today, but our real growth has come in the service we seem to have in our blood:  mail tracking.  And, we’re really, really good at that.  We have become one of the dominant tracking companies in the industry.

Still as the industry and the Postal Service, and SnailWorks have evolved, we have come full-circle – certainly mail tracking is at our core, but we also provide a world of services that have, once again, made us a back office to many organizations’ IT operations. 

Mail tracking is still mail tracking, but our most sophisticated customers now take advantage of a full array of services that revolve around mail tracking:

  • Container and Tray Tracking.  In addition to following mail pieces to delivery, we can also track the trays and containers in which they travel.  In challenging times like this past winter, mailers can reassure their clients by showing what pallets in the system are travelling, and those that aren’t.
  • Logistics Oversight.  Using our reports, our clients can be sure that logistics companies are meeting their designated appointments for mail induction;
  • Seamless Acceptance Support.  Seamless Acceptance, and its unwelcome cousin, Undocumented Mail, create new challenges for mailers.  SnailWorks provides automated systems for documenting the undocumented, and identifying potential quality challenges;
  • Informed Delivery Management.  Creating campaigns is the easy part – tracking the results, comparing results, and sharing all of that with your customers is where SnailWorks takes it to a different level;
  • ACS Management.  Incredibly important, incredibly easy, and incredibly affordable.  It’s an easy value add when we manage that for you.

We don’t intend this as a laundry list of the things we do (we’d have a lot more laundry than this) but rather as a grouping of services that can be bundled with mail tracking in a single coordinated package – that pretty much costs the same as mail tracking alone.  It’s already cooked in there.

So, in one location, you can access piece tracking, tray and container tracking, logistics oversight, Informed Delivery tracking (summary and detail), and ACS management.  And, as we originally envisioned, it is still one fabulous dashboard.

I could throw in response tracking, too, but that would just be showing off…

Please don’t just think of what we do as just mail tracking – it’s really a bundle of services your customers expect from a mail service provider – and print services provider, too.